Your Ultimate Customer Lead Solution

Good quality leads are the life blood of any company, and we specialise in providing The Best Quality Leads the market has to offer.

We use the latest pre-qualifying methods, and market leading filtering strategies to ensure our leads tick all your boxes, giving you a unique advantage over your competitors.

After establishing your perfect customer avatar we are able to source and vet your highest probability prospects. In turn providing you with only the highest converting leads available.

Our leads are so responsive due to our selection and refinement processes that your processing times will be slashed allowing your profits to soar.

Our Super Powers

Within our team we have all the skills necessary to stay one step ahead of the rest, ensuring all areas are covered and those “hens teeth” customers have nowhere to hide.
Home Improvements
Kitchen Leads
Bathroom Leads
Swimming Pool Leads
Roofing Leads
Home Security Leads
Grants & Loans
Business Grant Leads
Business Loan Leads
Car Finance Leads
Unsecured Personal Loan Leads
Personal Insurance
Life or Term Life Insurance Leads
Income Protection Leads
Critical Illness or Trauma Leads
Funeral Insurance Leads
Total & Permanent Disability Leads
Mortgage Leads
Refinance Leads
Equity Release Leads
Secure Loan Leads

Lead Generation

We use systems to generate the best possible leads for your unique circumstances. We use a ‘Cost Per Lead’ model that works for us and for you, and we can deliver from 30 per week.

Sales Funnels

When you engage us to generate leads for you, we will develop custom sales funnels using proven, market leading systems complete with your branding at no additional cost.

Landing page Optimization

We are optimizing nerds and will continue to improve your custom landing pages as often as necessary to ensure your investment is as fruitful as possible.

Specialist Consulting

Using our ‘Ideal Customer Analysis’ we will be able to harvest and filter only the most suitable leads for your unique circumstances with laser targeting eliminating 99% of time wasters.

Streamlined Efficiency

When you order high-quality leads from us your prospecting time will be slashed thanks to our prequalifying techniques. Giving you spare time to contact more great prospects or focus on other areas of your business.

Mutual Growth

Grow your business at a rate that you’re comfortable with. As your profit margins begin to rise through effective customer targeting you can increase weekly leads while maintaining positive ROI.

Our Arsenal

We have an ever expanding tool set at our disposal. These are just a few of the lead generating tools we specialise in.

How We Compare To The Rest

What Retainer!?

Unlike most retained agencies you would be familiar with, our model is a little different. Your sales team will love our real-time ‘Gold Dust’ leads and you will love the instant ROI they provide.

Our team will work with you to tailor a plan that best suits your weekly lead requirements. No two businesses are alike and this is reflected in the ideal customers required, as well as the ideal volume.

We have extensive experience with hand picking leads specific to your exact requirements and will outperform any retained agency, Google PPC campaigns, in fact, any on, or offline advertising with 100% certainty.

Forget expensive, underperforming agencies, confusing advertising jargon and long term retainer contracts. We work on the ‘Cost Per lead’ (CPL) model meaning there are no lock-in contracts and we provide you only with the quantities that you are comfortable with.

If you want more leads we can provide them, similarly, if you want to scale back during slower periods there are no additional costs incurred, we simply reduce the reach of your custom campaigns. Most customers find this flexibility a real asset to their business.


Satisfied Clients


Average Conversion


Increased Traffic


Increased Revenue

Meet the Team

Just a few of the key players behind EGB Digital.

Jon Bowles

The Lead Magician
With extensive lead generation experience, Jon will use everything he’s got to get you the leads you want. With a background in Facebook advertising Jon is used to filtering only the best customers from enourmous target audiences.

Celeste Michelle

Social Media Blackbelt
In the current climate you would be a fool to understimate the power of social media and with Celeste’s expertise you will be in good hands. An expert is lead generation campaigns, retargeting and page management.

Chris Samuel

Web Site Extraordinaire
A decent website is a crucial asset to any business, and with Chris by your side you will have it. Aesthetics, security and useability are Chris’s main focus and his results speak for themselves.

Lets Get Some High Converting Leads!

Cut your prospecting time in half by letting us do 99% of the pre-qualifying for you.

With our help you will be confident the leads you’re contacting are the most suitable for your unique case that the market has to offer.

Get in touch to find out how our market-leading customer generation strategies can streamline your business today.
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